we research and implement new technologies that synthesise A.I. with human talent to benefit and transform organisations in retail and transportation industries


think big.

It is only through challenging ourselves that we achieve the best results, that is why we are constantly striving to ensure our clients can achieve more and benefit from data and intelligence. For you to instigate changes from the ground up, it is imperative to first look at the big picture of your organisation to ensure all changes are made holistically and give real value.

start small.

Try our low entry point projects so you can test how they will work for you and the value they provide before committing to larger projects. Agility and flexibility are vital to innovation, working closely with data and intelligence to transform your business so it is ready for the future. Best-in-class resources really will make your life easier and your business more efficient.

move fast.

Before you commit to a full project, why not engage a pilot so you can see which innovative solutions will suit you best? We’re about delivering those quick wins, the ones that work and leave you free to get on with the job in hand. Our goal is to make it easier for our clients to innovate, enabling your business to benefit from the latest technologies and reach new heights.


great people


years of experience


active partners


delivered projects

a powerhouse.

With decades of experience our team always go above and beyond to achieve the results and satisfaction.

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Anton Pershin. CEO

With 20 years’ experience across industries ranging from pharma to retail, Anton is a great believer in constantly learning and updating a skills base. It is what led him to a Masters at Oxford University in global business and what drives to help companies harness digital solutions to improve performance.

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Christoph Gräber. CRO

Christoph knows that constant innovation is the only way to stay competitive and has spent his 17-year career helping the retail industry better manage processes and requirements with software solutions, working with leading solution providers in a variety of roles and geographies.

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Dirk Lahmann. COO

Over 15 years of experience in the retail sector brought Dirk across several management positions at leading software providers. Being an excellent coach for professional project teams, his key competence is to lead complex implementation projects to a success for his customers and his teammates.

b discover innovations.

Inspired by purpose, driven by passion. We take pride in delivering only the best solutions.

c our services.

The key is to maximise value by employing six core pillars which sit at the heart of business innovation. Plus customer success.

Value design.

It takes strategy, insight and innovation to manage innovations effectively and our methodology will ensure our clients get the most of the tech faster, simpler and less risky.

Business drivers analysis.

With a systematic method we help our clients leverage latest expertise and technologies to drive opportunities to improve returns and overall performance.

Digital enablers review.

We provide a thorough analysis of the technologies clients already have in place and what is available on the market to see where improvements and benefits can be made.

Project delivery.

Whether it is making small change or adopting new quick-win program or working on extensive projects to future-proof business, we always strive for excellence.

Intelligent operations.

Applied intelligence and advanced data analysis will allow our clients to empower business processes with efficiency and ensure better value and optimised costs.

Adoption management.

To improve performance addressing issues in business, clients need the right tools and techniques that ensure all values and changes are adopted across the board.

d credibility.

Our lifelong commitment to 200+ brands forged results across key business metrics.

gross sales increase %23
margin improvement %5
sell-through optimisation %21
cost reduction %19
inventory lowering %25
working capital release %15

e team alfa.

Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience. We agree with Albert Einstein and happy to share ours.

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Lutz Kämmerer

retail planning practice

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Sasha Rodionov

solution consulting

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Andrew Belogortsev

customer experience practice

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Dima Krasilov

supply chain practice

f have our say.

Knowledge, like air, is vital to life. Like air, no one should be denied it.

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