Artificial Intelligence in retail

We believe in the power of partnerships, therefore we have chosen aifora as our partner for sales & inventory optimization

Retail is in the middle of a major disruption. The online giants like Amazon, Zalando & Co. are continuously growing thanks to data-driven business models. Meanwhile, traditional retailers are struggling, because they lack the necessary know-how and resources to set up such structures on their own. aifora and KIVALUE will change that. aifora is the platform for AI-based automation, enabling retailers to drive sales & inventory optimization across all channels

Our Solution

aifora enables retailers and brands to optimize their prices and inventories across all channels and to automate the underlying processes. Through the use of artificial intelligence, data is processed on the aifora platform in such a way that it achieves maximum benefit. This results in a significantly higher level of profitability. The aifora SaaS solutions are quick and easy to integrate, can be individually configured and thus deliver a very fast return on investment. Clients include companies such as NKD, Hamm Reno and Peek & Cloppenburg.

  • 3-6% revenue increase
  • 2-8% profit increase
  • 5-25% inventory reduction

Our Method

aifora uses its proven project method which consists of the following phases and milestones

Onboarding & Integration

  • Retrospective data analysis
  • Creation of mathematical models & simulations
  • Set-up of a continuous data exchange
  • System configuration, incl. business rules, user roles & workflows
  • User training


  • Go-live with select categories / locations
  • Optimisation of the system configuration and models
  • A/B-testing

Full utilization

  • Extension of services to the entire relevant assortment
  • Regular updates & premium support
  • Customer success management
  • Quarterly reviews

Success Stories

  • NKD (discount retailer): implementation of Markdown Optimization


aifora Price Automation

aifora Markdown Optimization

Why we partner

“With KIVALUE we have a trusted partner with strong retail and AI expertise. Their team of data enthusiasts will help spread the aifora vision.”

Thomas Jesewski, Co-Founder & CEO of aifora

"We are excited to partner with aifora, one of the most promising new players in the retail automation market. Their vision for price and inventory optimisation based on the principle of Shareconomy is a game changer, but the best part is the cultural fit with the aifora team who are as passioned for data, as we are."

Anton Pershin, CEO of KIVALUE

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